Monday, January 17, 2011


For my mother on her 77th birthday.

Born:  January 18, 1934          Died:  March 11, 2000

These photos help erase memories that still linger, erase visions of a life's end.

They bring forward vibrant images of a woman before breast cancer took her. 

We remember what we've lost.

We celebrate a life well lived.

We remember the woman, as she would want to be remembered, not as a scarred fighter losing her final battle.

But, as the daughter of a burly, pickle man and his tough cookie,

a sister, 

an eager student, 

a trusting friend,  

a young mother of three, 

a wife of 40 years,

a grandmother of six.

We miss you, Mom, and as surely, as the cardinal brightens the gray sky, we remember.


  1. What a sweet remembrance of your mom. I just love those photos of her! She is so pretty. How lucky we are to have had such wonderful moms that we miss them every day.

  2. Stacey, this beautiful tribute touched us deeply. We're remembering her today and lit a candle for her, thinking of all the happy birthday celebrations we shared with her and ensuring, as you are, that the good times now overshadow the memory of that sad last birthday we spent with her.

  3. Beautiful post Stacey.These photos are fantastic and what a wonderful way to be able to share them with the world.

  4. Beautiful, stunning pictures of a lovely woman, mother, wife, daughter... these fond, beautiful memories are treasures for you and your family.

  5. Stacey, These photos really are astonishing. What they make me think about is how beautiful and full of life our moms were before cancer and those final days. I try really hard to remember my mom when she was at her best, those other haunting images do creep in once in a while though. I just love this reminder. Thank you. I'll be thinking about you as you remember today.

  6. A beautiful tribute to a beautiful woman.

  7. Oh, those photos....

  8. What a beautiful woman. I found old photos of my mom a few weeks back when I was visited my dad- I never realized that I am truly her mini-me! I will have to post those pictures sometime soon. Pictures are so important... they help fill our mind with the times where life was a little less sad, scary, and difficult. They remind us that, despite how it all ended, our mothers lived wonderful, fulfilling lives, and we are fortunate to have those moments captured forever. Happy (belated) birthday, to your gorgeous mother!

  9. Beautiful post Stacey, what a lovely way to honor and remember your Mother. Thank you so much by honoring us in the sharing.

  10. How beautiful is your Mom - stunning! I so agree with Nancy's comment - I am struggling less than two months after my own Mom's death from brain cancer to remember her as she was, and not the shadow of a woman that cancer reduced her to in her final weeks. Her birthday will be coming up in March and I am already feeling sad...