Thursday, January 12, 2012

Funny Pants

Although, I've been posting this photo all over facebook, I had to share here.  Just had to. I smile every time I see it.  This photo, his expression, the ridiculousness of those pants... all of it makes me happy.

The joy in my son's face is what gets me.  He is truly in the moment and loving every second of it.  Fresh and still damp from his shower, nothing else in his world mattered, but laughing at himself in that outfit.

And remarkably, only a few weeks ago, putting on anything that didn't fit perfectly would reduce him to tears.  He'd cry and cry about looking silly or being uncomfortable.  Now, he reveled in it.

When did he grow up?

This boy is my youngest.  The one that keeps me tethered to babyhood.  The one I want to hold on to, just a while longer and a bit harder, as my eldest dashes toward adulthood. When he cries, I hug him.  When he says he can't put his shoes on, I help him.  When he calls me "Mama" instead of barking, "Mom!" I melt just a little and when he wakes in the middle of the night with "bad thoughts" as he often does, I comfort him.

When bad thoughts of cancer, or a reckless driver, or a dog I miss, pierce my night, his smile reminds me there's joy to be had in simple things, such as cozy pajama pants, or snuggling up to read about race cars, airplanes or wimpy kids.  He's proof laughter cannot be snuffed out and all the dreary visions that surface in the dark of night...They don't get to win because pants pulled up to one's armpits is funny.

It just is, and somewhere along the way, my little one learned that.  And he didn't learn it from me.  I'm pretty sure, I'd forgotten the power of humor.  Maybe, that's what happens with age, with experience, with knowing what lays beyond the safety of a childhood home. When understanding the dark cloud doesn't always have a silver lining.

But that's me.  He's different.

I won't diminish his amusement by saying he's only five and hasn't felt the weight of life's bad news, because he has.  It wasn't only my dog that died or my car accident.  He was there.  These losses belong to both of us, yet he can be comforted.  He can laugh.

He can move on.

Maybe, resilience is the essence of youth and as he grows, it gets stronger.

Maybe, some things are just funny.  No hidden meaning, no message.  No need to measure against the seriousness of cancer.  It just is and we should laugh, as my boy did and I do, every time I see that photo.

That's why I'm sharing it!  I hope you'll find it as fun as I do.

Do you have a photo that brings out a smile whenever you see it?


  1. Stacey,

    I LOVE this posting!! Your son is adorable, and you are right about laughter being such a healing force. Life does have its crises, as you found out with the loss of your beloved dog and being in the car accident. But you are right: sometimes (oftentimes, in fact), we need to revel in the laughter and smiles of an innocent child. Children are more resilient than we know...they do move on.

    Excellent posting.

  2. This is such a lovely post and that photo of your son is hilarious! I love these photos here of my 2nd and 4th birthday parties. My 4th birthday outfit was my absolute favorite, especially the red shoes and yellow stockings!

  3. Thanks, Beth. Sometimes I worry about posts like this. That it won't matter as much as the cancer stuff, but realized it's okay to share something happy, as well as the sad. I'm glad you liked it.

    Hi CCC, I know. What's funnier than armpit pants? Nothing. I remember that post of yours and love the outfits. There's something about the innocence of it all that's infectious. It's nice to get it back once in a while. Thanks for writing.

  4. It's a happiness photo! It's a happiness post and I love it! We need happiness posts now and then. We really do. Thanks so much for sharing a bit more about your delightful boy. The photo is just great.

  5. Hi Nancy. Thanks for your happy comment! It's true, it doesn't always have to be about cancer. If we've learned anything, it's we need to enjoy life or at the very least, a boy wearing pants under his armpits. I'm glad you found it fun!

  6. Such a special photo!! I say that we all should revel in any opportunity to laugh. I would frame this photo and treasure it forever.

  7. Such a great picture! I love that fun smile!

  8. Your son is soooo cute! A photo that makes me smile every time is one showing my three sons (ages 13, 11 and 6) all sporting goofy expressions. Our family dynamics were not conducive to many smiles, so it warms my heart to see this glimpse of their real personalities coming out. Thanks for the fun post.